Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Inmarsat, Kymeta collaborate to bring aviation broadband connectivity to business jets

British satellite telecommunications company Inmarsat announced its agreement with Kymeta to develop the company’s Kymeta Aero Antenna -- a new satellite antenna that will allow business jets of all sizes to have global access to high-speed broadband connectivity using Inmarsat’s Global Xpress (GX) service.

A light-weight, flat-panel device, the Kymeta Aero Antenna is capable of providing high-speed broadband, data rates and bandwidth for business jet customers. The antenna is very small and modernized that it can be fitted to smaller aircrafts than was previously possible. Moreover, it can steer the antenna beam electronically to Inmarsat’s GX satellites without the need for power-consuming shifters or moving parts mechanically, therefore reducing the overall cost and power consumption of the equipment.

“Over the coming 10 years, some 10,000 new business jets are forecast to enter service. In this changing world, where enhancing the productivity and effectiveness of the business executive is paramount, the need to offer constant connectivity is non-negotiable. It is this absolute requirement to keep executives connected, wherever they are, that is driving demand for solutions which support smaller aircraft,” Leo Mondale, managing director of Inmarsat Global Xpress, said on a statement.

Honeywell is also supporting the antenna development, which will only be available to GX users. This complements the agreement between Inmarsat and Honeywell announced in April 2012 for GX Aviation Terminals.

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